It’s Amazing..

…that one time you were just a helpless creature on the cradle now you can stroll around the house exploring and more:

– you understand simple orders like “come here” and “don’t touch” although most of the time you ignore them

– you can take example like pressing the button of the music book and putting the ball into the bucket

– you can even chase the running balls now

– Besides taking order, I can see that you can ‘ask’ and ‘making order’ sometimes; like when you were held and you want to turn left/right your body will twist to the direction, when you are thirsty you hurry toward me and suck your tumb, lately I observe that you can ask us to follow you or walk with you to the other room by simply looking at us with i-am-waiting look.

– After a piles of ruined maazine, now you can turn the page of every books more gently. one time when I was upset that you accidentally tore your story book you seemed to understand and hold your hand and let me open it for you.

– you can memorize! You know where to go when we said “take a bath”, you know where to find grandma and make a mess in her room, you know where I keep my glasses you like to play, you even remember where to get chips you love so much.

Those soft abilities that I never thought a 9 mo could understand or do. Every second with you is a discovery

Keep learning my child, I’ll be by your side.



3 thoughts on “It’s Amazing..

  1. TRUE! amazing banget ya. bahkan sekedar menemukan bahwa si kecil bisa menunjuk dengan telunjuknya aja, rasanya udah bahagia banget. haha… tiap perkembangan sederhana pun bisa bikin ortu jadi norak2 bergembira 😀

  2. embyer ya? jadi wondering, entar anak kedua apakah se-excited ini? kesian kalo dicuekin 😀 "ah itu sih udah biasa nak"

  3. apakah ini yg dinamakan sindrom anak pertama? koleksi foto & video ga keitung, postingan blog bejibun… pas anak kedua, mines. ah, dulu udah pernah kan… hahaha…

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