Mozi: 10 Months Old

Your baby is more aware of what makes you happy and what dissapoints you. When you clap, he will continue with what he was doing. Sometimes you may want him to show off his new skills and talents to others. Some babies will do this, but do not be dissapointed if he does not. Many babies are not quite ready to be performers yet! Your baby has lots of feelings and emotions. She can get upset very easily. When other people are upset, she knows. She might even respond by getting upset herself. Teach your baby how to deal with her feelings in a positive manner.

If it hasn't already, stranger anxiety may strike around now. He knows when you are not around and will probably cry. Some babies will wake up in the night looking for a familiar face. Practice short separations and when you return, make it enjoyable. When your baby is going somewhere new, plan to stay for a little while to help dettle him in. When you leave, tell him goodbye and give him a kiss/hug. Then, leave. He will get busy playing and will be just fine.

She understands simple sentences and commands. Your baby knows the meaning of `no` and can shake her head from side to side. When she learns a new word, she may become fascinated with it and repeat it all day. When you ask your baby where a part of her body is, she might be able to show you. Read books to your baby and continue to tell her what the pictures show.

From here on out, your baby will be testing your authority. You need to set rules and limits and stick to them. If your baby is allowed to do one thing today but not tomorrow, she will only get confused. Make it easy for your baby to behave. Remember that she is still a baby and set realistic limits. Move temptations out of her way until she can better understand why she needs to leave it alone. Instead of saying `no` all of the time, use words such as `hot`, `it will hurt`, 'it will break`, etc. Be patient, gentle and undersanding when she is doing something that you do not like. If your baby gets angry because she is not getting her way, be firm. Do not give in to make her feel better.

Play games with your baby. Babies like playing peek-a-boo and other hide and find type games. Imitation games are also good for your baby to play. Because babies learn by imitation, only show him things that you want him to learn. This is a good way to teach him how to clap his hands and wave by bye.

Climbing is a skill that is important for your baby to learn. While she is learning to climb, always be nearby in case she falls. Your baby needs to know what types of things are appropriate to climb on. Do not teach her to climb anything that will be off limits. Show her how to climb down crawling backwards so that she does not come down head first. Do not allow her to climb the stairs unless you are with her. Baby gates should be installed at the tops and bottoms of stairs to prevent accidents.

Let your baby use a spoon to feed herself. Mashed potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese and cooked cereals will stick well to the spoon. This can make learning to self-feed less messy. Continue to include finger foods at mealtime and for snacks. Your baby should still be on breastmilk or formula. Mealtimes should be a fun learning time and not frustrating. A mess is easily cleaned up. If your baby senses frustration, she will be less likely to attempt self-feeding.


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