Mozi: 11 Months

Your baby is getting ready to take his first steps! He can stand on his own and if you hold onto his hands, he will walk. He does a good job of bending, squatting, stooping and getting back to a standing position. You might be able to tell if he is going to be right or lefthanded.

Your baby knows that people and objects have names. Expand her vocabulary by continuing to read, sing and talk to her. If you laugh at something your baby does, she will do it again. She will imitate everything that you do. She sees an expression on your face and will mimic it. She is learning what animals and people do. If she sees a cat ot dog, she will meow and bark. If your baby knows that you are dissapointed or upset with her, she will hide from you.

Each baby is different and develops at different paces. Just because your first child walked at 11 months, does not mean this child will. If you are concerned about your child's development, speak to his doctor. Remember that the more you interact and guide him, the more he will develop. If your baby gets frustrated when trying to do something new, don't push him. This will cause him to get frustrated and he will lose self confidence.

Show your child what you expect out of him. Realistic expectations will help your child follow directions better. She is still learning what is acceptable and what is not, and it is your job to guide her. Avoiding situations where you have to constantly redirect your baby will make it easier on you and him both. Love, attention and affection are all part of effective discipline. Always remember to praise your child when you see her being appropriate.

Toys that are good for this age are: books, push toys, ride on toys, balls, stacking rings, simple puzzles, telephones, puppets, large cars and trucks, shape boxes, pegboards and pegs, linking toys, large blocks, toys with textures, noisy toys, dolls and stuffed animals. Pretend play toys are also appropriate. Dress up clothes, hats and pretend foods are all good for little learners.

Your child is probably eating a wide variety of foods at this point. She is also getting better control of using a spoon, although alot still ends up in the floor. Although she is still nursing or being bottle-fed formula, she should be drinking juice or water from a cup. Remember to offer her a wide variety of nutritional foods. Establishing healthy eating habits now will go along ways in the future.



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