To a Mom-to-be Orit

The saying "If only I knew then what I know now" is fitting in any first-time motherhood experience.
Nggak peduli berapa buku yang sudah dibaca ibu2 baru (atau yang akan menjadi ibu), berapa banyak nasihat dan petuah yang didengar, dan berapa banyak bala tentara yang siap sedia membantu sang ibu baru, pasti adaa aja pengalaman2 mengejutkan yang dialami ibu baru. Kadang menyenangkan, tapi kadang bikin panik juga kalo kita ga siap.

Aku sendiri? aku merasa motherhood has been what I think it would be like. No picnic. Dari dulu kalo disuruh membayangkan jadi ibu aku nggak pernah membayangkan ngajak anak jalan2 ke mall, ngedandanin anak, pamerin anak ke temen2, pajang foto2 di facebook, enggak. I can only foresee the hardwork and the challange in the new status, but a rewarding one.

Tapi kalo disuruh memberi tips dan petuah pada Orit 4 tahun yang lalu sedang siap2 jadi ibu maka aku akan mengatakan ini:
1. Pick a female doctor. No matter who recommended who. Because that doctor will end up examining you in your most intimate part. When you don’t get comfortable with the doctor, you will have problem with consulting, examining and most of all: delivery
2. Sleep….get a lot of sleep before the delivery becasue you wont get a decent one not in years and years to come.
3. Ok you’ve heard this, but natural delivery is your nature. you are born for it. of course you can do it. and your body too
4. The first few days, get somebody to sleep with the baby, and take him to you whenever he needs you. You don’t have to be on his side at every second, cos that way you will get anxious and lack of rest. It’s not good for you physically and mentally.
5. When you think you have had enough distraction from your entourage, and you think you need to get your own space with your baby and you little family, bare in mind that the baby is being born to you, so of course his best place on earth is with you wherever you are.
6. Little kid get sick all the time, don’t dread every little symptom but always consult the doctor for precaution
7. The third year everything will get better, he will no longer be a baby you have to tend and cater all the time, he is his own boy now. And you can finally play with him and have fun together.
8. Everytime you have doubt if you can raise him, pray. And remember that He trust you more that you trust yourself. So you can do it.
9. When things gets better you will remember how you used to dream about having a son, having someone dangling at your feet who will soon grow bigger than you are and be a man.
10. He will be your best friend


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